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Audials Music 2021

Audials Music, which was previously distributed under the name Audials Tunebite, is a handy media streaming program that lets you record protected and unprotected audio streams, and convert audio files to various formats.

Record and legally store music from streaming programs and websites
Like many of its Audials colleagues, Tunebite can legally pull music and other audio recordings from the Internet by recording the streams in “virtual analog” and saving the recordings. This works for streaming programs with protected and unprotected streams; for websites, Tunebites can usually only access the unprotected streams. The software can also handle podcasts and audio books. The recorded tracks are saved fully tagged as MP3, WMA or AAC. A media library to manage all new or previously saved audio files on the computer and a comprehensive audio player are also on board.

Converter power for many formats and devices
In addition to the streaming recording functions, Audials Music also offers a powerful converter that can even legally convert DRM-copyrighted music into unprotected formats – also by recording. A total of 40 file formats are available, making the audio recordings fit for playback on mobile devices and game consoles as well – without any loss of quality, according to the manufacturer.

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