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Free Stream Recorder 1.0

If you are far away from home and want to receive your favorite channels, you can often receive them via the Internet. All that is needed is the web browser or software like Free Stream Recorder. The latter is a free video recorder that, according to the manufacturer, receives, plays back and records over 500 international TV channels via the Internet.

Watch TV with the Free Stream Recorder
With Free Stream Recorder you can watch German-language public and private TV channels such as 3sat, RTL2, RTL, Pro7, ORF2, ORF1, N-TV, Arte, Kika and ARD. In addition, the free program knows channels from Canada, India, Great Britain, the USA, Ukraine and Turkey.

Free Stream Recorder remembers favorite channels
After Free Stream Recorder has been installed, the channel list needs to be updated to bring it up to date. The player mode lists all channels in the left column, sorted by channel name or language. Preferred channels can be marked with an asterisk via the right mouse button and are entered in the favorites list to make it easier to find them again later.

Watch and record TV videos with Free Stream Recorder
Free Stream Recorder plays the stream of a selected channel in the player window after clicking the play button. Next to it is the record button. If you click this button, the streaming downloader or video recorder opens in a pop-up window, in which you can set the length of the recording. Alternatively, you can program a timer to record a show later. Video codecs offered by the Free Stream Recorder include MSMPEG4V2, DIVX, XVID, MPEG4 and H.264, with recordings possible up to Full HD with 1920×1080 pixels. AAC, MP2 and MP3 are available as audio codecs, with fine-tuning possible.

The Free Stream Recorder manages recordings and plays them back
The recordings end up in the record list and can be selected there. The record list is divided into two windows. In the upper one, the freeware shows the current recordings, with the recording progress indicated next to the movie name. In the lower one, the finished recordings are noted with movie name, station, start time and length and are ready for playback.

Streaming alternative
The last version of the Free Stream Recorder is already somewhat older, so that it does not function under circumstances with everyone. If this is the case, alternative software is available, which Julius discusses in the blog The best DVB-T2 alternatives. There are also streaming services, which Sebastian presents in the special topic Film and series streams: Amazon, Netflix & Maxdome in comparison.